Upgrades (Tier 1 – Tier 7) upgrades

In, you are at war with enemies as a spaceship in space. Level up your spaceship and destroy the enemies. When you level up your ship, you choose one of the upgrades ships and continue the game. Upgrades from Tier 1 up to Tier 7

In the space shooter game, each player will take the control of the ship allotted to him. Across the 7 tiers of the game, there are 32 ships of different models and each model is unique. The players get their ship upgraded to a ship of the next higher level when they get the required number of crystals. They win crystals either by destroying asteroids or by attacking other players and robbing their crystals.

The players get their ship upgraded up to Tier 7 and these upgrades are called updates. As a result of the upgrading of the ship, the players are able to enhance their abilities. At Tier 1 there is only one ship, the FLY. The player can get upgraded his ship to Tier 2 by winning 20 gems. Delta Fighter and Trident are the two ships of Tier 2. The player can upgrade his Tier 2 ship to a ship of Tier 3. upgrades Upgrades at Tier 3, 4 and 5

At Tier 3 there are four ships – Side Fighter, Pulse Fighter, Shadow X-1, and Y-Defender. The player can get his ship at Tier 3 upgraded to a ship of Tier 4. When the players upgrade their ship from Tier 3 to Tier 4, the upgrades can be to one of the six ships at Tier 4. The six Tier 4 ships are Vanguard, Mercury, X-Warrior, Side-Interceptor, Pioneer, and Crusader. From the Tier 4 ship when the player is upgraded to Tier 5, he will get one out of the 7 Tier 5 ships. They are U-Sniper, Fury Star, T-Warrior, Aetos, Shadow X-2, Howler, and Bat-Defender.

Upgrades to Tier 6

The upgrades from Tier 5 to Tier 6 will provide more firepower to the player. Every ship at Tier 6 is considered as a heavy hitter and the eight ships at Tier 6 are capable of doing very severe damage. The ships at Tier 6 are Advanced Fighter, Scorpion, Marauder, Condor, A-Speedster, Rock-Tower, Barracuda, H-Mercury, and O-Defender. The Advanced Fighter is one of the most powerful ships at Tier 6. Typically it is a glass cannon ship. All the ships at Tier 6 are overpowered. Each ship has its own special abilities.

Upgrades to Tier 7 upgrades from Tier 6 will be to a ship that is at the highest level of the game. At present, there are three ships at Tier 7. The three Tier 7 ships are the Odyssey, the Aries, and the Shadow X-3. As a result of the upgrades from Tier 6 to Tier 7, the game enters the Survival Mode. Ship Lists

Vanilla Starblast Ships

  • Tier 1- Fly
  • Tier 2- Delta, Fighter, Trident
  • Tier 3- Pulse, Fighter, Side-Fighter, Shadow X-1, Y-Defender
  • Tier 4- Vanguard – Mercury, X-Warrior, Side-Interceptor, Pioneer, Crusader
  • Tier 5- U-Sniper – Fury-Star, T-Warrior, Aetos, Shadow X-2, Howler – Bat-Defender
  • Tier 6- Advanced Fighter, Scorpion, Marauder, Condor – A-Speedster, Rock-Tower, Barracuda – O-Defender
  • Tier 7- Odyssey, Shadow X-3, Bastion,  Aries U-Series Team Mode Ships

  • Tier 1- U-Sniper MK 2
  • Tier 2- U-Cruiser, U-Quad
  • Tier 3- U-Penta, U-Spread, H-Warrior, U-Sentry
  • Tier 4- U-Arsenal, U-Center, U-Interceptor, U-Speeder, U-Siege
  • Tier 5- U-Punisher, U-Octa, H-Destroyer, Trailblazer, U-Demon, U-Pulsar
  • Tier 6- U-Barricade, U-Monitor, U-Perimeter, U-Bruiser, U-Afterburn, U-Smasher, Hellfire, U-10 Thunder
  • Tier 7- U-Wall, Heartbreaker, U-Fusion, U-Marksman, Shadow X-27

Goldman Aerospace Alien Intrusion Ships

  • Tier 1- Fly V2
  • Tier 2- Light-Fighter, Atom
  • Tier 3- Pegasus, Angel Wing, Cayman, Hammer
  • Tier 4- Dragonfly, Stingray, Azimuth, Flash Star, T-Rex, H Conqueror, M-Defender, Simuran
  • Tier 5- Atlant, Vortex, Delta Speedster, Hawk, Photon, Varan, Spark, Predator, Vampire, Berserk
  • Tier 6- Leviathan, Side-Destroyer, Falcon, Helius, Phoenix, Harpy, W-Warrior, Goliath, Centurion, Prometheus, Chronos, Cthulhu
  • Tier 7- V-Destroyer, Wasp Sniper, Miles, Himera, Chronos R35

Nautic Series Mod Ships

  • Tier 1- Snail
  • Tier 2- Jellyfish, Crab
  • Tier 3- Squid, Archerfish, Guitarfish, Turtle
  • Tier 4- Cuttlefish, Lionfish, Lobster, Scad Fish, Stingray, Flying Fish, Starfish
  • Tier 5- Swordfish, Giant Squid, Catfish, Dolphin, Reef Shark, Piranha, Sawfish, Leatherback Turtle, Spider Crab
  • Tier 6- Narwhal, Orca, Octopus, Beaked Whale, Shark, Grouper Fish, Angler, Hammerhead Shark, Beluga, Manta
  • Tier 7- Colossal Squid, Blue Whale, Whale Shark, Cachalot

Kleinem Enhanced Ship Tree Ships

  • Tier 1- Gnat, Gem-Canister, Fly
  • Tier 2- Jester, Delta-Fighter, H-Sniper, Trident
  • Tier 3- Pulse-Fighter, Renegade, Side-Fighter, Shadow X-1, Y-Defender, Piranha, Flounder
  • Tier 4- Vanguard, Mercury, X-Warrior, Stalker, Side-Interceptor, Gale, Pioneer, Crusader, Mite-Defender
  • Tier 5- U-Sniper, Valkyrie, FuryStar, T-Warrior, Mosquito, Aetos, Shadow X-2, Seeker, Toscain, Settler, Nail, Bat-Defender
  • Tier 6- Payload, Advanced-Fighter, Scorpion, Gallus-X, H-Mercury, G-Sniper, A-Speedster, Advanced-Support-Fighter, Condor, M-Seeker, Mantis, Rock-Tower, PrimeFighter, Barracuda, O-Defender
  • Tier 7- Odyssey, WartHog, Pulse-Warrior, Shadow X-3, Bastion, Poseidon, Aries

Capture the Flag Mod Ships

  • Tier 1- Dugares, Daedalus, Romulus, Ulysses, Goliath, Atreyu
  • Tier 2- Raigeki, Tiaramisu, Tsimtsum, Pusat, Trisbaena, Cairngorgon, Epiloguer, Vuaniha
  • Tier 3- Pulse, Fighter, Side-Fighter, Shadow X-1, Y-Defender
  • Tier 4- Vanguard, Mercury, X-Warrior, Side-Interceptor, Pioneer, Crusader
  • Tier 5- U-Sniper, FuryStar, T-Warrior, Aetos, Shadow X-2, Howler, Bat-Defender, Toscain
  • Tier 6- Advanced-Fighter, Scorpion, Marauder, Condor, A-Speedster, Rock-Tower, Barracuda, O-Defender, H-Mercury

Destroy the Mothership Mod Ships

  • Lunatic- Lunatic Battleship, Lunatic Falling Star, Lunatic Invader, Lunatic Lobos, Lunatic Phaser, Lunatic Tarantula, Lunar Blade
  • Solarium- Solarium Artiller, Solarium Barricade, Solarium Berserker, Solarium Interceptor, Solarium Reaper, Solarium Warder, Solar Spear
  • Special- Mothership

Multi-Class Ship Tree (MCST) Ships

  • Tier 1- Fly
  • Tier 2- Delta-Fighter, Trident
  • Tier 3- Scythe, Pulse-Fighter, Harpy, Xenon
  • Tier 4- Insectoid, ROC Fighter, Ateon, Mercury, Axis, Comet, Starslicer, Guardian
  • Tier 5- Stinger, Zaydas, Delta Sniper, Valkyrie, Ghoul, Howler, Raptor, Slipknot, Razor, Ark-Fighter, Vulcan, Aetos, Revenant, Light-Bane, Xeroc, Tancher
  • Tier 6- Persuasion, Archangel, Xenolith, Advanced-Fighter, Scorpion, Neptunia, Hyperion, Aurora, Marauder, Hydra, Avalon, Arachnid, Sphinx, Condor, Hydrus, Scorcher, Astron, Warden, Barb, Muron, Jupiter, Primordial, Estallion, Light-Wing

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