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The competition in is quite high. Each player tries to improve their spaceship and become stronger. Therefore, you must destroy your enemies before they develop too much. You have to develop some strategies to destroy the enemies. In today’s article, we will tell you about tips and tricks.

Go Up To Higher Levels

When you upgrade your Energy Regen as early as possible, your journey up to the higher tiers will be speeded up. For upgrading Energy Regen you have to spend a few crystals. But, you can earn the crystals back very quickly. If you feel so you can even skip the other upgrades. When you upgrade your Energy Regen you can have maximum DPS. If you have a sufficient number of crystals either restore them as extra shields or buy another life. However, keep in mind that the extra life may not be of any use once the Survival Mode starts.

While playing in Team Mode you attack the smallest asteroids especially if you joined the game at the beginning. The gem drop gradually increases in Team Mode. The drop will be very low in the beginning. Bigger asteroids take more time. So, before you destroy them you may be killed. Hence while at a lower tier you may focus on smaller asteroids. The above tips and tricks will enable you to go up quickly from Tier 1 to Tier 7. tips and tricks Tips and Tricks: Attacking

When you plan to attack a player when he is mining an asteroid attack him from behind. By doing so they will crash into the asteroid causing more damage. You may have to manage the crash as well as the weapons of the ship. Hence you must have a sufficient shield. While attacking a very fast ship he will try to escape if he is weaker than you.

You must inflict heavy damage so that he may lose a few gems. You will be able to pick up those gems. Ram them into asteroids and get more gems. Try to earn extra revenge points by killing your killer. When ships are 2 tiers below you avoid attacking unless they are trying to kill you. When you are on a lower-tier ship take advantage of your speed. Attack for few seconds first, then retreat and then make another act. Bear in mind, these tips and tricks really work. Tips and Tricks: Defense

Move-in zigzag when a faster ship attacks you. It will be very difficult for the enemy to hit you. If you are losing gems when your shield is your own, try to earn the gems back. Never be afraid to give tit for tat if a player tried to attack you. You will find these tips and tricks really useful for your defense.

Use Secondaries

3 pods, two types of mines, and three projectile weapons are very useful in games. The pods can be used as shields to protect you from enemy shots. Mining Pods can be used to mine without any harmful effects from the lasers. Use of secondaries comes under the best tips and tricks. has many different game modes. To learn these game modes in detail, you can take a look at modes.

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