The Basic Strategies strategies

Learning the basic moves is the easiest way for the new players to start playing the games. It is to be understood that there are no basic strategies or techniques for playing the games. The strategies consist of a few basic strategies that can be applied while playing the game. The experienced players can add more strategies to the list so that they will be useful to the novice players.

In order to reach a successful score in the game, you must know the details of controls and all ships very well and be able to play the game quickly.

The Frag Strategy

Many players know this move, but if you are a good player, you should definitely know this strategy. This strategy will enable the player to reach the top in no time. This can be done by using four different ships for playing the game. The four ships are Side Interceptor, Side Fighter, Pulse Fighter, and Pioneer. Those who are highly skilled can go for Y-Defender. The four selected ships can inflict damage to unimaginable levels and thereby speed up the journey to the top level. When small ships from the lower levels are used they can be easily upgraded. This strategy can be countered by using the heavy ships U-Sniper, Advanced-Fighter, and Scorpion. strategies

Teaming – The Risky One Among Strategies

The teams are likely to turn against for crystals or for other teammates. When we team up with unknown people we are not sure whether they are trustworthy or not. They may not be willing to team up sometimes. In case a teammate is found following us watch him always and never hesitate to chase him away. They may be waiting for a chance to attack and kill us and rob the crystals. The player should watch the ship carefully on the map and must be watching the group of ships. You should try a few times before applying this strategy. If you don’t make the moves correctly, you may lose the war.

All-Around Strategy

Among the basic strategies this is the simplest one and is ideal for beginners. The player should upgrade all his stats so that his ship will not be lacking in terms of stats. Since the stats are to be upgraded first upgrading the ship will require more time. Those who follow this strategy should keep that in mind. Those who can easily defeat other players can even skip upgrading of speed and agility stats. Those who feel uncertain may upgrade their stats only. Strategies: Barracuda Destruction

If Barracuda is on your trail this strategy is very suitable. The two ships that are the fastest – A-Speedster and Condor are used in this case. As the first step, the A-Speedster and the Condor are maxed. A couple of torpedoes are also required. When the Barracuda is just behind the RCS is turned off and fires a torpedo. The Barracuda will be destroyed instantly and you will get extra points also. Just like a few other strategies, this may also fail because of the arming delay of the torpedo. Many players do not know how to make this strategy because it is quite complex.

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