What Are Starblast.io Best Ships?

starblast.io best ships

There are 31 different spaceships in the Starblast.io game. For many players, the Starblast.io best ships group can change. It depends on your game method and strategy. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the Starblast.io best spaceships.

Starblast.io Game

Starblast.io is a multiplayer space shooter online fun game. The gamer is provided with a spaceship and he has to take control of his ship. The gamer has to attack asteroids and destroy them using a laser gun. When an asteroid is destroyed the gamer will get crystal-shaped gems that are in red color.

The gamer can get upgraded to higher levels by winning more number of gems. There are seven levels in the game starting from Tier 1 and the highest level is Tier 7. The gamer can also get more gems by attacking other players and robbing their gems. When the player is at Tier 1 if he gets 20 gems he will be lifted to Tier 2. The spaceship of the gamer will be upgraded when he goes to the next higher level. In this game, there are 31 different models of ships and each model is unique. The 31 ships are with different patterns of laser and different abilities.

Starblast.io best ships include the Advanced Fighter of Tier 6,  the Rock-Tower, H-Mercury, O-Defender, and the A-Speedster, all of Tier 6. The Pulse Fighter, the Y-defender, the Side-Fighter, and the Shadow- X of Tier 3 are also very powerful ships.

starblast.io best ships

Tier 7 Ships

The Odyssey, the Aries, Bastion, and the Shadow X-3 are the four Tier 7 ships. Among these four Tier 7 ships, the Odyssey is considered as one among the Starblast.io best ships. Apart from the main cannon, this ship has two side guns on the front and two on the back. The Odyssey is a huge ship and appears like a space station. This ship is a good bulldozer also.

The Starblast.io Best Ships of Tier 6

The Advanced Fighter is among the most powerful ships at Tier 6. Its main pulse cannon has the size of a scorpion. The two side lasers of this ship can inflict severe damage.

If put to proper use the H-Mercury is one of the best Tyre-6 ships. It has four side lasers and a very fast machine gun. H-Mercury can focus its entire fire on the attacker when the attacker reloads the pulse. So because it can inflict severe damage within a short period H-Mercury is considered one of Starblast.io best ships. Overall, H-Mercury has been deleted by the publisher.

The Rock-Tower machine guns are extremely fast and can cause severe damage. Rock-Tower is excellent in bulldozing. However, the very best bulldozer of Tier 6 is the O-Defender. The high-speed cannon of O-Defender can also cause heavy damage. Though the Condor is a small Tier 6 ship it has a heavily damaging pulse cannon that can reload very fast. The A-Speedster is triangle-shaped and as a fighting ship, it is really good. This ship has the main cannon and two side lasers that are of damaging type.

Starblast.io Best Ships of Tier 3

Among the Starblast.io best ships, the Pulse Fighter, the Y-Defender, the Side-Fighter, and the Shadow X-1 of Tier 3 are equally powerful. The Side-Fighter and the Pulse Fighter follow the Delta Fighter and Shadow X-1 follows the Trident. In addition, the most curious subject in the game is Starblast.io biggest ship.

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