Changelog Details changelog is the most popular of the space combat io games. In this game, players choose their spaceship and fight in space. The game, which hosts many new players and old players, is renewed with new updates every day. To keep track of the updates, you should check the changelog list.

Know About Major Changes

According to changelog 2019 – 10 – 25, Healing can fetch points. Also, the Esc menu will display credits, contribution, kills, and deaths. According to the Team Modes changelog, the best killer, best healer and best contributor of each team will be displayed. New version 3.6 of U-Series is released and in team mode, some improvements are made in the rules for team locking.

According to the changelog of 2019 – 05 – 07, improvements are found in last week’s test mechanics. Now aliens are at the center of the map and it is expected that now it will be more challenging as well as rewarding to fight for gems at the center of the map. The crystal collection algorithm is improved. Now you can accurately target your friend for transfer. Also, now crystal collection is done more fairly and now goes to the ship which is really the closest. For gem transfers, the crystal throws away distance has been reduced. Bonus points will not be granted for the collection of transferred crystals. changelog

The game is constantly updated periodically. With each update, the game becomes even more exciting. The update notes for the major game updates coming in 2020 are given in detail below. With the changelog, you can check the newly added spaceships on all ships guide.

Destroy the Mothership 1.1:
* Leaving as a mothership will result in a new one being assigned
* Players will take damage every second whilst in enemy base
* Mothership is no longer immune to enemy bases
* Added barriers behind the spawns; players will die instantly if they pass it
* Fixed minor bugs and errors
* Balance changes

* Shadow X-3 balancing: size decrease, acceleration buffed ; slight speed decrease and firing power decrease.

* Added 5 new ECP badges: ACW / AOW factions! Thanks to Ancient_Sky (created the original logos), mr_Goldman (created their modern version) and Tournebulle (made a few adjustments)
* Fixed T7 problem in Nautic that was due to a rounding problem in our server code Changelog for U-Series Update

According to the changelog 2019 – 03 – 12, the Firing Pattern of the U-Monitor is changed. Now the ship has 9 cannons on its right side. Now the ship is more OP depending on how well it will be used by the commanders. When used properly it can be a formidable ship. Hereafter maps will be of size 90 instead of size 80. Now the U-Smasher, as well as U-Afterburn, have inverse propulsion laser damage. When weapon damage is more the ship will be faster.

Gems Mining Changelog

According to the changelog of 2018 – 06 – 19, mines will have an arming delay of 3 – 5 seconds. The viewing range of mines is widened so that unseen mines will not be hit. When all depot modules are completely destroyed, the space station is destroyed. When the cargo is full already, permission will not be granted to pick up more crystals. Kill gem bonus reduced by 50%. Changelog of 2018 – 06 – 19

According to changelog pertaining to Modding Alpha 3, custom maps of asteroids are to be created. Using the maps mazes and racing paths are to be created. As in the case of Battle Royale and DM, player may choose to start ship. Spawn the collectible weapons in the playfield. The intermission screen is to be triggered with customized results. The game is to be triggered over the screen with customized results. Selected ship types can be changed at any time.

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