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With the app, you can play the game fluently on your mobile devices. The support of the game on mobile devices is limited to the Google Play Store for now. Android users can install and play this game on their mobile devices very easily. App for Free Download

The app is available at the Google Play Store for Android devices. This app provides a free and fast download of the multiplayer space shooting game. The gamer can play the game alone against the other gamers. A spaceship will be provided to the player. The gamer has to take the control of the spaceship given to him. He has to attack the asteroids and destroy them using a laser gun.

The asteroids appear like balls of rocks. When the gamer destroys an asteroid he gets gems which are crystals that are red in color. By way of winning more gems, the gamer can get upgraded to higher levels. There are seven levels in the game from Tier 1 up to Tier 7. From Tier 1 the gamer can go up to Tier 2 by winning 20 gems. By getting upgraded to different types of ships the gamer can have better stats and weapons. The gamer can also get more gems by fighting against other players and robbing their gems. app

You Can Create Custom Games

The gamers are allowed to create custom games based on the space shooter game downloaded from the app. Starblast has offered about eight specific options for creating custom games. Options include changing map size, asteroid patterns, asteroid strength, speed, starting ship, number of teams, and space station size. More options for customization are expected from Starblast. The gamers are allowed to share the custom games and create private parties. They can use the system for public events also.

The gamers can also have a variety of custom materials to customize their ship. The different materials available are titanium, gold, alloy, and carbon. Laser is available in 3 different styles – digital, lightning, and doubled. In addition, five different types of custom in-game badges are also available. More options for custom materials are expected soon. If you want to learn all the spaceships in the game, you can take a look at the all ships topic.

Different Modes of App Space Shooter Game

The fun game which is downloaded using the app is played in 4 different modes – Survival, Teams, Deathmatch, and Invasion. In the survival, mode gamers will mine, get upgraded, rob gems, fight, and will be the last survivor. In the Teams mode, there are 3 teams each with a base space station. The gamer will mine gems and take them back to the space station. Rob crystals of enemy teams, by attacking either their base station or mining missions. Enemies and their base stations are to be destroyed to win the game.

Available in Many Languages

The space shooter game can be downloaded from the app in more than 25 different languages. English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Italian and Danish are a few among them. The game provides 31 unique types of spaceships and more than ten weapons and powers.

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