Build List For Vanilla Ships build

You can upgrade your battleship by looking at the build chart. In, you can change your ship as you level up. This change has certain limits and roadmap. According to this ship level change map, you can get any ship you want. Game

Each player of the space shooter game will pilot a build ship. The space shooter game of consists of seven different levels starting from Tier 1 and ending with Tier 7. Across all the seven levels of this game there are 32 ships and each ship is a unique model. New ships are designed and built by members of the community.

Information regarding how to build the ship is available from the tutorial. The space ships that belong to the higher levels are made stronger but they are slower when compared the ships of the lower levels. However, there are exceptions also. The players can get upgraded so that they will be allotted ships with enhanced abilities.

Each ship of the game can be upgraded to a ship of a higher tier up to Tier 7. The players can get their ships upgraded by winning the required number of gems. They get gems either by destroying the asteroids or by attacking other players and robbing their gems. Build List for Vanilla Ships

  • Fly → Delta-Fighter → Side-Fighter → Side-Interceptor → Shadow X-2
  • Fly → Delta-Fighter → Side-Fighter → Side-Interceptor → Aetos → A-Speedster
  • Fly → Delta-Fighter → Pulse-Fighter – Vanguard → U-Sniper → Advanced-Fighter
  • Fly → Delta-Fighter → Pulse-Fighter → Mercury → FuryStar → Scorpion → Odyssey
  • Fly → Delta-Fighter → Side-Fighter → X-Warrior → T-Warrior → Marauder
  • Fly → Delta-Fighter → Side-Fighter → X-Warrior → T-Warrior → Condor → Shadow X-3
  • Fly → Trident → Shadow X-1
  • Fly → Trident → Y-Defender → Crusader → Bat-Defender → O-Defender
  • Fly → Trident → Y-Defender → Pioneer → Howler → Rock-Tower → Bastion
  • Fly → Trident → Y-Defender → Pioneer → Howler → Barracuda → Aries build Build Ships of Tiers 1, 2 and 3

The Fly is the build ship of Tier 1. This is the only one ship available at Tier 1. FLY is the weakest ship of the game. This ship has the highest agility and speed level. In almost all the game modes the player will be starting the game with this ship only. This ship has 4 lives in team mode and 3 lives in Invasion mode. There are two different ships at Tier 2 level and they are Delta-Fighter and Trident. The two ships of Tier 2 can be upgraded to Tier 3 ships. Tier 3 has 4 ships – Side Fighter, Pulse Fighter, Shadow X-1 and Y-Defender. Ships of Tier 4 and 5

There are six different ships at Tier 4. They are Vanguard, Mercury, X-Warrior, Side-Interceptor, Pioneer and Crusader. Tier 5 has the most varied ships and at Tier 5 there are seven ships. The build ships at Tier 5 are U-Sniper, FuryStar, T-Warrior, Aetos, Shadow X-2, Howler and Bat-Defender.

Ships of Tier 6 and Tier 7

When the gamer upgrades his ship from Tier 5 ship to Tier 6 ship he gets much more firepower. Every build ship of Tier 6 is a heavy hitter capable of inflicting very severe damage. Tier 6 has eight ships and no other Tier has eight ships. The ships at Tier 6 are Advanced Fighter, Scorpion, Marauder, Condor, A-Speedster, Rock-Tower, Barracuda and O-Defender. Tier 7 has the end-game ships. The four ships at Tier 7 are Odyssey, Shadow X-3, Bastion and Aries. Except Bastion the ships of Tier 7 sport a large pulse. Tier 7 ships are of low maneuverability and all of them except Shadow X-3 have huge amounts of firepower.

Apart from Vanilla series, U-Series and Nautic Series level change map is also available. However, since many players use vanilla ships, the vanilla level change map is usually used. To find out all the ships and their names in this game, you should look at upgrades. Thus, you can get detailed information about all series ships from Tier 1 to Tier 7.

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