Advanced Fighter advanced fighter Advanced-Fighter has relatively weak shields, but its weapon strength is quite effective. It has powerful laser cannon shooters and light laser cannon shooters. It is very advantageous to attack with powerful laser cannon shooters against powerful enemies. In addition, if the enemy is weak, you can attack with light laser cannon shooters.

Starblast is a famous online fun game and it is a multiplayer space shooter game. This game was invented and developed by Neuronality. The player has to take care of his/her spaceship. To start the game the player will have a small ship and a laser gun. When the player shoots asteroids and destroys them he will get crystal-shaped red gems. By way of getting more gems, the player can upgrade his Tier. Once the player gets 20 gems playing on the small ship he will be upgraded to the next Tier. The first ship is Tier 1. The highest Tier in the Starblast game is Tier 7. Advanced Fighter is a ship at the Tier 6 level of the Starblast fun game online. Advanced Fighter

All the ships at the Tier 6 level of Starblast are highly overpowered. Tier 6 ships include the Advanced Fighter, Scorpion, the Condor, the Rock-Tower, the H-Mercury, the O-Defender, and the A-Speedster. Among these 7 ships, Advanced Fighter is one of the most powerful ships. advanced fighter

The main pulse cannon of this ship is of the size of a Scorpion. There are 2 side lasers and they can inflict heavy damage. This is a glass cannon ship similar to the Shadow X-3. The frontal pulse of the Advanced Fighter can inflict the most severe damage per hit which no other Tier 6 ship can make. This ship often wins the duel if given the first shot because it has very high firepower. The Advanced Fighter is an offensive ship and hence it has comparatively weaker shields for the tier.

Best Ship Of The Game Advanced Fighter is not so effective for fighting against teams. Hence those who play with this ship should not allow their targets to team up. The player should see to it that the targets are kept scattered to prevent teaming up. After keeping the targets apart only the player should try to finish them one by one. In all other aspects, this is considered the best ship in the entire game. While playing the game with this ship the player may avoid using the small lasers. The small lasers can be used if the player is sure that the enemy is almost defeated. The targets will be almost destroyed by the frontal pulse by inflicting very severe damage. Advanced Fighter has similar features to Shadow X-3 and Pulse-Fighter. However, this fighter spaceship has opposite features to O-Defender. The Advanced Fighter spaceship is one of the most successful spaceships in team mode and survival modes after the Odyssey.

Players must be vigilant

Many characteristics of Advanced Fighter are similar to those of Pulse-Fighter and Shadow X-3. While playing with the Advanced Fighter the player should ensure to take advantage of the surroundings. While colliding with the asteroids and destroying them, the player must be vigilant also. One should never enter a dense field of asteroids because Advanced Fighter is poor in fighting against groups. Players can learn more information about the spaceships on all ships.

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