U-Series u-series U-Series is an enhanced version of Team Mode created by Finalizer user. A total of 31 spaceships with different appearances and different tiers are available in this series. Any player can play this series by choosing. As your level rises, the size and power of the ship you can have increased. U-Series is an online game, a shooting game based on the theme of the spaceship. This is an interesting game that comes with different strategies. It comes with different modes where the players can choose their options. U-Series is a good modded version that you will find in Team mode. This series is developed by Finalizer.

The U-series is nothing more than an entire ship tree, which is based on the Tier 5 vanilla mode. It comes with the U-Sniper ship model. This is now one of the most popular mods in the Modding space. This gameplay is very unique and fast-paced. It is also one of the most strategic ones and so very intense. It comes with the features as an average 30 minutes of round lasting option. There are also the handpicked maps of the developer that you may use. It is a quite high-density game that leaves very little of the sparse maps.

  • U-Sniper MK 2
  • U-Cruiser
  • U-Quad
  • U-Penta
  • U-Spread
  • H-Warrior
  • U-Sentry
  • U-Arsenal
  • U-Center
  • U-Interceptor
  • U-Speeder
  • U-Siege
  • U-Punisher u-series

  • U-Octa
  • H-Destroyer
  • Trailblazer
  • U-Demon
  • U-Pulsar
  • U-Barricade
  • U-Monitor
  • U-Perimeter
  • U-Bruiser
  • U-Afterburn
  • U-Smasher
  • Hellfire
  • U-10 Thunder
  • U-Wall
  • Heartbreaker
  • U-Fusion
  • U-Marksman
  • Shadow X-27

New Mechanics Of U-Series

There are some new mechanics added with the game that is mostly associated with the U-Series. Healing laser is such a mechanic that comes with the team mode. This mechanic has changed drastically the way you play the game. With this new update, one can play now more tactically and strategically. Many players now can help and heal their online teammates with the new mechanics of the U-Series.

Another mechanic is gem transfer. With this mechanic, players can drop their gems for their other teammates. This mechanic comes with holding “V”.

Another mechanic of the U-Series is ship rescue. This specific model is added before the Alpha Centauri Wars. The players can return to their game or their own same team after leaving.

To prevent the option of gem stealing, this mode is added during the time of mining.

Final Facts U-Series is a complete ship tree that comes with different mechanics. These new mechanics can help you to enjoy your game more. U-Series is equipped with 31 ships. All these ships are specifically based on the U-sniper. These ships can deal with huge damage but they lack the shield. It makes the low-tier shield to destroy the high-level tier ships very fast. There are a great number of mods that you may find in this mod. It uses the backfiring lasers and proper themselves.

  • There are only 2 teams in U-Series team mode.
  • Ships start with 5 lives, instead of 4.
  • The map is randomly selected from one of 78 map types.
  • Asteroids give 0.6x gems to characters and 1.2x compared to survival.

You can review all ships guide to learn about other spaceships in the game.

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