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Online gaming, the concept is on great hype now. game is a popular name in the world of online gaming. This is a shooting game and can be played alone or with other players as a team. This is a fast-paced, fun-filled online game, an arcade space multiplayer shooter. This is a unique and interesting online game. game was first released to players as beta and its official version has been released.

With your shooting skill, you can take good control of the spaceship; you can control the asteroids too. With the right shooting skill, you will be able to increase your existing stats and can improve several types of spaceships with new weapons and new stats. You need to collect the gens here. You can fight against a single player or a team of players to collect your gems. Those crystals and gens will help you to win the game.

How to play game

If you play the game online, you will get complete instructions on how to play the game and how to earn crystals. The key idea of the game is navigating the ship. Players can control the ship and it will be piloted by a proper map that is filled with asteroids. One can break the asteroids or can shoot them to earn more crystals or gems. You can use these gems to upgrade your ship or buy some secondaries for your game. As your gem cargo is filled up, you can upgrade it to high-tier ships. Currently, the game comes with 7 different tiers of ships. You will find 32 various types of ships through them. The new ones are like FuryStar, Vanguard, Bastion, Marauder, Howler, etc. There were only 21 ships when it was released first. game comes with four different modes now that are available to play on the basis of the main menu of the game. Four modes of the game are Team mode, Survival mode, Death Match mode, and finally the Invasion mode. Matches can start and join automatically as you select the mode. The main menu comes with gaming options. One can enjoy custom shooting matches as per requirement on the gaming platform too. game Controls

You are using a spaceship in game. It is a spaceship in your enemies. Spaceships are easy to use but there are a lot of controls. You must learn all the controls to best manage your spaceship and destroy your enemies. We will show you the important spaceship usage controls in 2 different tables below.

Key Upgrade Skill Key Upgrade Skill
1 Shield Capacity 6 Weapon Speed
2 Shield Regeneration 7 Ship Speed
3 Energy Capacity 8 Ship Agility
4 Energy Regeneration
5 Weapon Damage


Z Screenshot
Ctrl/Cmd Toggle RCS
Tab Show Leaderboard
R Show Radar
C Show Commands
F11 Toggle fullscreen
Mouse Left Click Firing main weapon
Scroll wheel Toggle secondary weapons
Movement WASD
Alt Firing the secondary weapon
Shift Change secondary weapon

Facts About Game

This multiplayer online shooting game is very much popular today. The creator and developer of the game are Neuronality. You can play the game by visiting its original site or it can be played via an available standalone. Any ECP owner can download the game. One can purchase also the Starblast on steam. This game is available also on the Google play store or apple store since April 2018. This game is on the market since 2016. There are 14 modes which are divided into two groups. These groups are Regular Game Modes and Modding Space Game Modes.

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