Battle Royale battle royale is a space war io game. There are multiple game modes in the game. Survival game mode is actually called battle royale mode. The topics you wonder about this game mode are explained below. Battle Royale

In the online space shooter game, 12 different game modes are currently available. The battle royale is one of the six modes that are played via the modding space. The other 5 modes which are played via the modding space are U-Series, Racing, Alien Intrusion, Prototypes, and Nautic Series. There are four normal modes and they are Survival Mode, Team Mode, Pro Deathmatch mode, and Invasion mode. These four normal modes can be played at any time via the main menu. Alpha Centauri Wars and Training are the remaining two modes. These 12 modes together provide the players with a wide variety of options to choose

Battle royale was introduced as the fifth game mode for the Starblastio game. The introduction of this mode was also to celebrate the first anniversary of For about a week around the first anniversary of, the battle royale mode was available from the main menu just like the normal modes. Later this mode was playable via the creation of a custom server. Again, a month after the first-anniversary celebration battle royale mode was reintroduced for a weekend and with some changes also. Now, battle royale is always playable and is available via modding space only. In unblocked version, you can play battle royale mode in workplaces and schools easily. battle royale Ship

As soon as the player joins the battle royale match he has to face the ship selection screen. He has to select his ship out of five ships with different ship wrights. The player can join, leave, or change the ship within exactly two minutes after the server is started. A timer will be set for two minutes for this purpose. The moment the timer stops the player will spawn in with the ship which he has selected. The player will be at someplace on the map and that place is randomly selected. In both survival mode and the Deathmatch mode also the same thing happens. In case the player fails to select a ship for him a ship will be allotted to him randomly and he will spawn in with the randomly allotted ship.

Solely PVP Arena for Battle Royale

The battle royale arena is solely PVP. In order to prevent teaming, all names and colors will be completely hidden. Unlike all the other game modes there will be no regeneration of weapon energy or shields over time for the battle royale mode.

The Method to Recharge the Stats

The players who select the battle royale mode for the game have to pick up energy and shield canisters to fully recharge their energy and shields. The canisters along with random assorted secondary weapons will randomly spawn around designated locations on the map. They will be marked by a light yellow patch on the radar. In this mode, a player will have only one life and he should find out and kill the remaining players.

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