Controls Guide controls is a space combat io game. controls are very simple, but there are many spaceship names to learn. In today’s article, we will tell you how to use your character, your spaceship. Game

The space shooter game is played using the ship which is allotted to the player at each of the seven levels of the game. The player has to take the control of the ship. Using the ship and the laser gun the player attacks asteroids, destroy the asteroids and get gems. By winning the required number of gems the ship of the player will be upgraded to a ship of the next higher level. The player can earn gems also by attacking other players and robbing their gems. Controls Pc and Mobile

The controls are quite simple. The main task of the player is to control the ship and each action of the player in the game has two options. He will be controlling the ship either with the mouse or with the keyboard. While moving the mouse around if the right-click is pressed or the arrow keys are used, the ship will move. When the left-click on the mouse or the space bar on the keyboard is pressed the ship will fire its weapons.

The games can be played on the mobile phone also. Those who use Google Play Store or iTunes can use the chat pops as controls to move the ship and fire the weapons. For those who use the secondary shop, the RCS button is on the left side of the screen. On the same side, there is the thruster as well as the fire button. controls Controls: Upgrade Hotkeys

1 Shield Capacity 6 Weapon Speed
2 Shield Regeneration 7 Ship Speed
3 Energy Capacity 8 Ship Agility
4 Energy Regeneration 9 Upgrade Ship (Option 1)
5 Weapon Damage 0 Upgrade Ship (Option 2)
Key Control
Z Take a screenshot
Tab Leaderboard
R Radar
C Chat Commands
F11 Fullscreen
U Selecting the upgrade bar
Scroll wheel Select secondary weapons

Spaceship War Game

Those who enjoy playing shooting games that are space-themed will accept as their very best choice. The controls will make it easy for them to control the ship and collect the maximum number of gems. After getting upgraded to the ship of the higher level player can take control of a new ship. The new ship will provide him more amenities and the player can start playing with a different type of spaceship with a variety of weapons. After learning the controls very well, you should develop strategies.

The Passive and Aggressive Way of Playing

The highly exciting game of can be played in two ways. In a passive way, the player will play the game alone. He will collect as many gems as possible using the controls to destroy the asteroids. His ship will be now upgraded and now he can easily defeat his enemies. In the aggressive way of playing the player will attack his rivals, rob their gems, and get upgraded to another ship of a higher level.

The ultimate aim of the player is to reach the topmost level of the game. He can achieve that by moving the spaceship around and shooting down as many asteroids as possible. The controls enable him to collect the gems and get the ship upgraded. Finally, he will boost the battle ability of his ship and achieve his goal.

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