Play Game Online is a new io game online at Play as a spaceship roaming around the galaxy mining meteors for gems. Gems can be used to upgrade your ship. Sounds fairly relaxed, right? WRONG. This game is fast paced and highly competitive. Larger, faster and better upgraded ships will try and kill you. Sure you can run away but can you do that while zipping your way through the space debris. This game is just awesome. Think with much better graphics and faster game pace. Starblast io is another multiplayer space shooter. You control a spaceship in the galaxy. Crashing meteorites to reach the gems that will help you to upgrade your spaceship. Destroy the spaceships of other players and become the leader, keep your Star blast in Enjoy and share with your friends! A online io game created by Neuronality. Where you take control of a spaceship to shoot down asteroids in order to collect crystals. Use the crystals to upgrade your ship or buy a brand new ship. There are also many other upgrades you can buy.Take control of your spaceship and shoot down asteroids and collect the crystals they hold! Upgrade your ship to buy new ones in Starblast IO! Be an efficient mining space ship or become a pirate yourself in this fun IO game.

Starblast IO
is a massive online space shooter game and another IO game created by Neuronality. In this game, you will take control of a space ship and shoot down asteroids to mine the crystals. You can use the crystals to buy new ships, upgrades, and other equipment. Other players will also shoot you down to get your crystals, so be ready to defend yourself. Have fun! is an arcade-style space shoot them up. You control a spaceship, shoot asteroids and enemies, collect crystals. From collected crystals, you will be able to upgrade your spaceship, change to a higher level ship or buy an extra life for your existing ship. Controls: use your mouse to pilot your ship, left click to fire, right click for thrust. Or use your keyboard: arrow keys and space bar to fire.

Today you can play with other players in the world. It applies here that a stronger won, so do not forget to constantly improve and do not let anyone kill. You can expect a really difficult initial period, but if you get a high score and grow up, you have a chance to their opponents in a big beating. Destroy the various objects in space and earn points for them. Later you receive a new and more powerful weapons that will be much easier.

Become a commander of spaceships battling it out in space right now, and have a lot of fun on our website, only by playing the latest game that we have added into the Io Games category, which we are keeping as updated as possible, and this game that we are offering you right now is called Starblast.Io, and it is a game that we definitely recommend to everyone, like we recommend all the games that can be found on our website. Now, we are positive that you want to know exactly what you will do, so keep reading this description to find out, and then start this amazing game! Click and hold the right mouse button to move your spaceship, and click on the left mouse button to shoot it’s lasers. You have to go around space, shoot as many asteroids as possible, in order to get experience points and become stronger, because there are other spaceships around, controlled by other real people, which you will have to defeat in the quest for becoming the top scorer in the session. Give it all your best, and we are sure that you will have a lot of fun with this game!

Note: If the game doesn’t load, the server is probably down for maintenance.

Dogfight with real players from all over the world online or just run away if you think you can’t win lol.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

Mouse – Navigate / Move
LMB – Select / Shoot

Alternate Controls
Arrow Keys – Move
Space – Shoot

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